Fish and Chips

riley's two

Riley’s or the top fish shop in Blackhall.  Been around for a lot of years.  Visited it many times with my dad to get fish and chips, especially on the way home from grocery shopping in Hartlepool.

And fish and chips………………what memories does this simple meal evoke.  Who doesn’t love them.  And the best way to eat them, in paper whilst walking along a windswept promenade, soaked in salt and vinegar, the fish and chips that is.

This is Stephen in the photo.  He runs Riley’s with his mum.  She has worked in a fish and chip shop for 40 years.  This is the first one she has owned.  Its a new old business, if that makes any sense.  The shop has been around for years but Jean and her son have just had it for about nine months.

They have just joined my project and I look forward to visiting them again in the new year and taking lots of photos.  I only wish I could capture the smell that emanates from a fish and chip shop.  And how on earth I will resist the glorious chips and scraps I do not know.





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