I had another visit to Riley’s fish and chip shop to see the lovely Jean and her son Stephen.  Had a lovely time there taking photos although my flash gun had run out of batteries (must remember to pop some in my bag for spares – so disorganised) so the lighting is not perfect.

The more I visit them the more I get to know them and the more I like them.  Why, because they’re lovely people and what they’re doing is fantastic.  Jean has worked in fish and chip shops for a lot of years and this is the first one they’ve owned.

And its a fab little place.  These are the places we should be supporting, our local businessess.  These places hold communities together.  They are a lifeline to some people.  Just by popping out for a bag of chips you get to talk to someone, chat to your locals, talk to the owners, talk to the customers.  Hear the local gossip, what’s going on in the village.

I popped in a few days ago, not to take photos, but as a customer.  And how nice it was to chat to Jean and Stephen.  Very welcoming.  And of course the fish and chips was reet good too.

rileys stephen threerileys stephen tworileys stephen

I look forward to going back again, with a working flashgun, to get more pictures.  And to finding our more about them, and the people of Blackhall.

2 thoughts on “Riley’s

  1. Mark BLackhall

    Am enjoying the moments of Blackhall that you are sharing online. Many years I’ve had interest in that town and area. I have a small group of 10 people together in a Facebook group I’ve titled as “Blackhall Townies” I’ve used a few of your images and would like permission to use them and future images from your Blog. — Mark Blackhall. Canada. I want you to know I would take no offense and simply honor a negative response. It is art, your art and I simply am unable to provide any compensation for my use.


  2. Catherine Ruocco Post author

    Hi Mark, thank you for your lovely comments. its nice to know my photos are being enjoyed from someone so far away. can you drop me an email and tell me abit about your group Blackhall Townies. I would love to hear all about your group. I don’t mind you using the images as long as they’re not for commercial uses, and if you can use them with a direct link back and copyright notice that would be ok. look forward to hearing from you. catherine ruooco


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