My mam and dad used to play bingo a lot.   Not at these big places, like Mecca, but at clubs in the nearby villages.   Sometimes they won, sometimes they didn’t, but for them it was a night out. A chance to meet up with friends, have a few beers.  I was never a big fan, I hate not winning. One the few occasions I tried my hand at it, and that was at Mecca, I always came away disappointed.  So I never went back.  If I ain’t going to win I’m not going to play.  I always found Mecca quite soulless.  There was never that friendly atmosphere that you’d get at the small clubs.  You didn’t really feel part of the crowd.   I didn’t discover that friendliness until I attended a bingo and quiz night at the Navy Club in Blackhall.   For me it was a baptism of fire.  Not only was I part of the crowd but I had to approach people to make sure they were happy at me taking their photos.  There were some familiar faces there which made it a little easier.  I worked my way round the room making sure I didn’t miss anyone out.   And for someone who hates approaching people it was amazing.  Everyone was happy to have their photo taken, and they were all interested in what I was doing.  I had a secret weapon of course.  It helped massively that I lived in the next village and that my family came from Blackhall.   Alot of people I spoke to actually knew my dad or the family and regaled me with tales from the old days.  It might sound sentimental but I felt like I was close to my dad that night.  I was living and breathing his past.  I felt immensely at home and for someone who has never fitted in that’s pretty good.   I got some decent shots too although I had not taken into account the fact that the room would be so quiet when the bingo was on.  Yes, my flashgun gave out a lovely little sound as it fired up again and I was so aware of it.  Everyone was concentrating so hard and I was so worried that I was putting them off.  I bid my goodbyes later that evening and even attempted to thank everyone over the mike, although it came out more as a mumble and half the people didn’t hear me. Still I got a round of applause.  My confidence is growing!


bingo night five

bingo night nine


bingo night seven


bingo night

bingo night two

bingo night four

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