Back to the tea dance…………

One of my friends at work mentioned her Gran and Grandad attended an evening tea dance in Blackhall so I thought I’d pop down and see if I could get some shots.  Some of the tea dancers I’d met last year were there so it was nice to see familiar faces.  Again I was welcomed with open arms.  People can be so friendly.  That’s something I’m finding out everytime I go out taking photos.

I loved taking photos of them dancing but I find that the photos I take whilst they take time out, including their tea break are the most interesting.  I love seeing people sitting chatting, interacting with each other.  It reminds me alot of my dad.  He was a quiet man but he loved getting together with people and having a good old chat.  And I’m sure he would have loved to attend the tea dance too.

I even got a cup of tea and a biscuit when I was there.  The lovely Doris looked after me and found me a mug and even poured mine out first.  And everyone insisted I had a biscuit so I eventually relented and had one.  Doris even washed my cup up for me.  And they wouldn’t take any money of me, but I will insist next time, especially if I keep going back.  Which I might just do because I see my dad in some of their faces.  When the old gentleman smile I see my dad smiling.  I know that sounds soppy but that’s just how it feels.

And I might even have a go at some of the dancing.  The music is not quite up my street, I’m more of a Who fan!  But the dancing does seem to do them good and as people often say, its just what the Dr ordered.

DSC_0180 DSC_0194 DSC_0197 DSC_0204

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