My dad grew his own veggies in our back garden once.  I can’t remember everything he grew, I can just remember the cabbages but I never really took much notice at the time.  I was a teenager and well, you know what teenagers are like.  My friend’s grandad has an allotment in Blackhall.  He grows all sorts, potatoes, leeks, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, oh the tomatoes.  He has a long line of tomato plants inside of his greenhouse.  And what an allotment.  Higgledy piggledy but amazing.  Water butts rigged up to catch rainwater, bits of wood holding other bits of wood together.  Empty marg boxes.  My dad was like that.  Everything at home was scrutinised to see if it could come in handy one day.  Boxes, bits of wood, old nails and screws, maybe its a man thing.  Oh and I got some good gardening tips!

Next time it’ll be chickens and pigeons. And maybe some photos of the tomatoes.  But here’s my first foray into the hidden world that is an allotment.  Oh and this is Grandad, in his eighties and just come back from a road trip across America, in which his wife did most of the driving.

allotments eight

allotments three

allotments two

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