A Cold Afternoon in Blackhall.

Lost my nerve a little today.  I missed  five photo opportunities because  I was nervous about asking people if I could take their photo.   It was still nice to be out and about in Blackhall though.   And I made a friend in Shadow,  a beautiful husky dog.  


And got a few more shots besides.  





4 thoughts on “A Cold Afternoon in Blackhall.

  1. Catherine Ruocco Post author

    Exactly. But so rewarding when you finally pluck up the courage. And I have never had a bad experience yet which probably makes you wonder why I find it so nerve wracking. But I am not normally a people person, I’ve been someone who has watched from the sidelines. But I am getting better. I have now printed some of my photos off so I can take them out with me and show people what I am doing. I think this will be a big help.


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