In the profoundest sense, photographs invite the photographer, and viewer, to locate themselves in relation to what is photographed. In this sense, photographs are about place.

John Perivolaris
Jan 4th 2016

From the window of the little local rattler Seaham to Hartlepool, pausing not at all along the line. We’re at Blackhall Rocks here.

The journey is almost all green. No remains of industry, no ropeworks, no bottleworks, no blast furnace, no pit wheels, no spoil heaps, no long runs of conveyour belt out to sea, no heaps of coal in the yards. The only coal to be seen along the route is a small heap on Seaham’s south dock, probably just in from Poland, or China, for of course we still need coal. It’s as if the 100 years of pitmen and women, tough endeavour, it’s all been wiped from the face of the landscape.

Photographs are about place.


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