Splitting Sound

Need to redo some of the sounds I have recorded, why?  Because I need to isolate the sound but as they were only done on my phone I have no idea how to do it.  So back to the beginning I do. I had an idea that you could listen to the sound whilst looking at a photograph, see if how you feel is different to how you would feel without hearing the sound as you look at the photograph. Which is why I need to isolate the sound.  The video isn’t that important as the sounds are quite distinct.

I have visions of putting people into an enclosed space (not in some kind of perverse way of course) so that they can concentrate their sight on the pictures.  And then feeding them the sounds.  So it would be like looking at a picture of say, the sea, whilst listening to the phone ringing.  Not sure how that would be perceived.  Would it work?  Not entirely sure but its all experimenting and I’m sure I can find some willing volunteers to experiment with.

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