The Japanese when giving gifts never give anything that contains a set of four.   Four is an unlucky number.  When pronounced it is very similar to the Japanese word of death.   That is why I am recording these records in sets of three.   My love of Japan and its culture seeps into all aspects of my life.   I am as The Vapors sang Turning Japanese.   When I look at these pictures I can hear the songs playing over and over again.   This is what you did as a teenager.   You played the songs you loved over and over again often driving your parents potty.   When I was a teenager the first thing I did when I got my pocket money was head to Peterlee town centre to buy a single from Woolies.  In music lie our memories.   Some happy, some sad.  




All three records bring back good memories and remind me of the days when I was a bolshoi teenager who wanted to take on the world and was full of angst, which was probably caused by all the hormones bouncing around. 

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