Always changing, never happy.  Sound and vision is now 13.  Moving on.  Still memories. Still sounds.  Still vision.

But 13 is an important number.  Regarded as unlucky.  But its when everything changes.  I started big school when I was 13.  I made new friends when I was 13.  I discovered music properly when I was 13.  I started buying proper records when I was 13. I got a proper record player for my 13th birthday.  I discovered boys when I was 13.  Life began when I was 13.

Emotions and life can be mirrored in our music.  So this is my collection, this is when music finally mattered.

Martha and the Muffins

Mike Berry


You take your choices in life.  You pick your friends.  You decide what you want to wear and who you want to go out with.  Sometimes you don’t make the right choices.  Just like the records you buy.  As this collection of images grows you will see some of the choices I made in my collection were pretty dire indeed.  Its almost embarrassing to have to show them to you but I will, because I guess those choices might reflect what life was all about.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I just got drawn into the cheesy world of pop music.  I still do sometimes, admittedly I do own a Steps cd.  Should I be admitting to that.  Who knows.   We do have blips in life when we can’t see the good for the bad.  But I do have a lot of David Bowie cd’s now.  (That’s to show I do listen to some people and will always try different stuff)  Late starter but I do love his music. And the best thing about music is not just the sound, but also the vision, the story behind the music.  It makes it more then just a record.  Knowing why songs were written, knowing the story behind them is interesting.

Although do I really want to know the story behind Dollar and their recording of I Wanna Hold Your Hand.  Maybe some things should remain a mystery.

Maybe by putting all the records in a long line, in date order, I can make a story about my life too.  Felt happy this day, felt crap this day.  Really fancied the boy next door, hate being a teenager, etc. etc.

Oh and one thing that going back to my record collection has done for me is given me a chance to meet up with an old friend, someone I came to know, and love almost as a sister, when I was 13.  See 13 is when it all happens.  She will be coming round soon (my oldest friend whom I very rarely see but is always in my thoughts) and together we will sit in the back bedroom and play some records, and perhaps drink cider, although I like to think I’m a little more sophisticated now, and I may just have a glass of babycham.  And we’ll pretend to be 13 again and life will be starting all over again for us.

Oh, and one last thing, music brings people together.  I find interesting people cross my path and become friends through the love of music.  Fascinating.

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