I am drawn constantly to flowers.  But even though their colours are so vibrant I still prefer to see them in black and white.  Maybe that is how life is, black and white.  I continue with my dedication to the loss of my beloved dog by dedicating these photographs to her and the happiness she brought to life.  Some people may think it strange to love an animal so much and to mourn its loss so greatly.  But animals can enrich someones life greatly.  They learn us so much about emotions and how to be kind to others.  And their dedication to their owners is immense.

Heavenly Pip

2 thoughts on “Colours

  1. stevenjwillard

    Nothing strange about it as far as I’m concerned. I think in so many ways dogs are better than us and can teach us a great deal if we would but listen. My friend Wally died some 9 months ago and I miss him every day.

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  2. Catherine Ruocco Post author

    Very true. We’ve had dogs all our life and they have been great companions and have learnt me so much.


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