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Mapping 2………

Continuing my experimentation with the Death in the Landscape photographs.  I am still looking at mapping the photographs although I am not sure how to present them.  This is one way I am looking at.  I am trying to correlate the relationship between the photograph, the location and the landscape.  Whether to do it seperately or merged like these photographs.  As I explore them more I come across more themes, ie, the way we travel now, how we mourn, how the public perceive these memorials.    I feel sadness when I see them, knowing that a family has lost someone they love.  Who will remember them in years to come as a new generation travels the roads.  Close by to where I live some young lads lost their life on a bend.  I do not know who they were, it was when I was a baby, but if I pass the spot with my mam she always mentions it.  There is no memorial there but it is still a memory for some people.  How long will that last when those who were alive when it happened are gone?  Will someone who is searching for their ancestry visit the spot where their relatives died?


Hetton le Hole

Finding a way.

Things develop, projects more forward.   The more I think about the mapping the more it makes sense.   There are landmarks all across our country.  Places where battles were fought, places where kings left this mortal coil.  They are the past.   The shrines that I now take photos of are the present.  When do they become the past.  Do they remain forever. 



This is what I do on my day off .  Mapping for my death in the Landscape project.  Maps show alot of things, churches, service stations, monuments, etc.  My map will show the spot where I have taken my photos.   This is where people have died and shrines have been put up.   I’m still trying to get a narrative for this project but just can’t seem to get it from head to paper.   What I can see is normal life + death + remembrance.   Maybe one day I’ll understand what I’m trying to show.