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My old bedroom

This is where I spent many a day listening to my collection of singles.  I used to close the door and turn the volume up loud.  Of course like many a teenager I was told to turn the volume down.  And then came headphones.  So the music went up and no-one got disturbed.  I think my hearing has suffered for it as I always played my records at the highest sound.  Not good for the eardrums but boy did the music sound beautiful.

my bedroom

teenage years

The Good, The Good and The Good

There is no bad today, I have still not arrived at those that should not see the light of day.  But here is the next three.  These are both sound and vision, the sound is obviously implied, the vision is the record.  The memories come from both the implied sound and the vision.

Run To The Hills

Town Called Malice Under Pressure