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Looking Beyond

Sometimes we have to look beyond life.  Blur our vision a little and then see what we can see.  Blurred Leaves

Childhood Dreams

This is where my childhood adventures started.  This is where I used to play, in the dene, next to my childhood home.  I feel lucky to have grown up here. Maybe this is where my love affair with nature started too.  I still live close to the dene, I still visit it, and the fields that surround it.  And I feel that I belong, in the peace and the solitude.


Across the Fields I Go

Across the Fields I Go

…..following my heart, following my dreams.  Before the earth sleeps I will cross the fields and take more photographs.  And this is a beautiful time of the year to do it.  Crops being harvested, autumn colours starting to creep in.  There is almost a feeling of calm, the earth has sighed, another year is nearly over, time to rest.  But for some of us the journey goes on.  The search for enlightenment continues.

A Walk on the Wild Side

I took a walk across the fields tonight.  In the golden hour, although I was a little late getting out so missed it slightly.  Happiness is when walking across the fields.  The quiet, the closeness to nature, the evening light.  The corn is ready to be harvested and there is a mellowness in the air, the feeling that summer is over and now is the time for the earth to rest and contemplate.

corn bouquet

path two

white flowers

Its not often I like photographs taken of me but I had to include this self portrait.  This is me at my happiest, at one with nature.

girl on a straw bale

Don’t Look Down

What do you see when you look at your reflection?  Does it please you?  Are you happy with what you see?  Or do you seek something more?  Are you looking beyond the reflection?  Trying to see what others can’t see.  Some people happily live their lives unassuming, not trying to understand what is beyond their comprehension.  Some of us try to find that understanding, try to figure out what is beyond the reflection.
water in my soul

The Haywain

The Haywain

I visited Flatford Mill recently in Suffolk and stood on the spot where John Constable painted The Haywain.  Its changed a little since he was there but here is my photograph taken where he stood.  Elements still remain, and of course it still looks as beautiful today as it was back then.