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I am drawn constantly to flowers.  But even though their colours are so vibrant I still prefer to see them in black and white.  Maybe that is how life is, black and white.  I continue with my dedication to the loss of my beloved dog by dedicating these photographs to her and the happiness she brought to life.  Some people may think it strange to love an animal so much and to mourn its loss so greatly.  But animals can enrich someones life greatly.  They learn us so much about emotions and how to be kind to others.  And their dedication to their owners is immense.

Heavenly Pip

Heavenly Pip

My first post since the death of my beloved Pip.  I knew it was going to be hard when she went but I never imagined I would feel so much grief.  I haven’t stopped crying for four days and I think there will be more tears in the days, maybe weeks, to come.  How can one little dog affect your life so much.

So today I started experimenting again with my wood photographs.  I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks wondering what I would write in Japanese on the photographs.  You see I’ve decided to take my love of the Far East and introduce it into my Castle Eden photographs.  It was only natural that this is the path that I would take.  At first I thought I would write my name on the photographs and I was going with that until this week.  What better tribute to a little animal that brought so much love, companionship and fun to my life then to have her name immortalised on my photographs.

I searched the internet to find a translator which would translate Heavenly Pip into Japanese.  I think I have got it right but I still need to check it out, just to make sure that is what it reads.  If there is anyone out there that can verify if it is correct then please contact me.

single fern

Blackhall Bound

little cutie dog

Finally got out and about in Blackhall even though it wasn’t for long.  Had a lovely walk around.  Didn’t get no photos but it was nice to walk the streets again and see a familiar place.  The last few months have been very hectic, work, life, everything seems to get in the way of taking photos at the moment.  And the weather, hate it when its cold and wet, just want to hibernate away until Spring.  I’m still posting photos on the Blackhall History facebook page so that people know who I am and what I’m doing.  I’m hoping that people will trust me to come and take some photos in their homes.  That’s what I’d like to do next, get to see family life.  I’ve made a few more contacts, met some lovely people at the WI.  Its been a long progress and I’m not the most disciplined of people but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.  What’s important I think is the enjoyment that both myself and the people whom I involve get out of it.  And I’m sure my Dad would have been proud of me too.  I always feel a connection to him whilst I’m in Blackhall and that’s what this project is all about, exploring that connection and exploring the streets and haunts that my Dad would have walked along or visited.

What I do love about Blackhall too is the vibrancy that you get when you walk along Middle Street.  This is what makes Blackhall unique, and is what possibly keeps it alive.  I know I’ve spoken about this before but at lot of pit villages died when the pits were closed but Blackhall hangs in there.

Stand in Middle Street and see the lovely people going about their business, the footfall, the traffic, its the hub and its busy.  A lot of people choose to look at the downside of many places, how people are alienated, how desperate lives have become, how people are struggling to survive.  It might go against the grain but I want to show the positive side of a place like Blackhall.