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The Wonder of Nature

I’ve found a new secret place.  On a beautiful golden evening I took a walk down the dene and there it was.  Waiting for me.  In all its glory.  The golden light beckoning me to follow it into its heavenly domain.  And I took some pictures.  And I felt so happy to have found this magical place.  And I will visit it again.  Because nature is a wonderful thing.  It was here long before us. And it will be here long after us.  It is endearing. It is calming.  It is mighty.  It is the world we live in.  And we should cherish it.

Golden Hour 2

Golden Hour 3

Golden Hour

Nettle 2

Nettle 3


secret pathway


A Touch of Zen

Aira Force

This photograph reminds me very much of a King Hu movie, I can just see the heroes of the story making their way up the steps as they escape from tyranny.  Maybe it leads to a monastery, somewhere to feel safe, somewhere to meditate before they have to face their foes again.  So for me everytime I see this photograph it will remind me of China…………or Japan.

Of course in reality, for those who would like to know where it really is, it is in the Lake District. Just below where I am standing as I took the photograph is Aira Force, a waterfall. It is very pretty but also very popular.  It certainly wasn’t peaceful as I took the photograph as I was surrounded by noisy children.