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I think I’ve become slightly obsessed with Japan, but then I think I always was.  I even dreamt of visiting the country once.  That of course would be nigh on impossible now due to my fear of flying, and lack of funds.  But that doesn’t stop me visiting places like the Oriental museum in Durham which I mentioned in my last post.  I now have two books winging their way to me, one on Shinto, and one on Buddhism.  I am intrigued by the beliefs of Shinto and its relation to Nature.  It is quite similar to what I believe as a Pagan, that we should live in harmony with Nature, and that the spiritual beings live within Nature, in the trees, the mountains etc.  I am not intending to make this project into a spiritual one, I have a project still simmering in the background that relates to my Pagan beliefs.  But I do want to study the aesthetics of Japanese, and Chinese, art and the correlation to Nature.

Sky through the Trees