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Lazy Friday Afternoon

Visited a few places in Blackhall to say hallo to some of the people I’ve met and taken photos of over the year.  Riley’s was my first stop as its one of my favourite places to go to, and the fish and chips are lovely too.  Got a lovely photo of Stephen stood in the doorway.  He did nominate his mum but she ducked out.  He is always quite happy to have his photo taken.  He used to be in a band so he’s used to it.  And he takes a good photo too.


And then I popped down to Snipz to see how it was going and maybe get some shots.  Sadly all the ladies were in various degrees of having their hair done so weren’t too keen on having photos taken.  But I stayed and chatted to Ann and some of the customers and had a bit of a laugh with them.  Some you win, some you lose.  The only photo I managed to get was a cat in a window.    I seem to be collecting photos of cats, and dogs, in Blackhall.  At least they can’t say no to having their photos taken.

cat in the window

Shampoo and Set Ladies


This is Jean.  She popped into Snipz for a shampoo and set.  Sent her son off home telling him she’ll ring when she’s ready.  Jean lives in Horden, alone, in a three-bedroomed house.  Her husband died in 2008, five years after her 49 year old daughter died.  She won’t move, doesn’t want to, its her home.  She was a lovely lady, lovely to talk to.  Very open and had a lovely smile.

This is the first time I’ve sat and talked to people, and taken photographs of them.  I was nervous, very nervous.  But I struck lucky that day.  I got to chat to some lovely local people.  Gave me confidence for the next time I go in.  Everyone was so warm and friendly, the staff, Anne and Pauline, and the customers.

I met interesting people and got to see inside one of the shops I’d passed many times in my life.  Snipz has been there for 35 years.   Not many businesses can say that these days.  Hairdressers come and go, not all survive.  They follow the trend and when the trend changes they have nowhere to go.  Places like Snipz survive because they’re not pretentious.  They are what they are.  They don’t have fancy equipmenta, they have what they need to cut and style hair.  I hope the owner, Anne, doesn’t mind me saying that.  But she’s a credit to Blackhall, done something a lot of people haven’t been able to do, run a successful business for 35 years.

I felt comfortable there, can’t wait to go back.  Can’t wait for the Christmas hairdo rush.  Can’t wait to meet more lovely people .