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As I haven’t posted for a while….. here is the next selection from my little box of singles.  I hope you might agree, most are pretty good.   The thing I like, or even love, about vinyl is the artwork. Of course the artwork on the LP’s is a lot more enticing then on the singles.  I am not a great lover of CD.  Like toilet paper, toothpaste and milk, it is a means to an end.   There is nothing to love about it.  You use it to get what you want, sound.

Do Anything You Want To


Hill Street Blues

Hole Hearted

I Think I Love You

My Sharona

Should I Stay or Should I go Now

Sixty Eight Guns


Walking In The Sunshine

Teenage years or thereabouts

Can a collection ever be finished.  When do we say stop.  I’m forever adding to my collection of vinyl only this time it’s only the good stuff that I buy. I wasn’t very discerning when I was young.  you’ll be able to tell that. Now I’m very selective.  It must be an age thing.




These three of course fall into the good category. 

Sound and Vision

Beat the Clock

Sound of The Suburbs

Stand and Deliver

Haven’t got quite to those that should not see the light of day…………

Me and my brother used to write our names on the record sleeves so that we didn’t pinch each others.  I guess in them days we weren’t thinking about the value of sleeves etc.  One good thing about vinyl is the artwork on the sleeves, something you don’t get with CD sleeves now.  I much prefer the vinyl sleeves, although I guess I would say that, having been born so long ago, when things were much more simpler.