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Don’t Look Down

What do you see when you look at your reflection?  Does it please you?  Are you happy with what you see?  Or do you seek something more?  Are you looking beyond the reflection?  Trying to see what others can’t see.  Some people happily live their lives unassuming, not trying to understand what is beyond their comprehension.  Some of us try to find that understanding, try to figure out what is beyond the reflection.
water in my soul

Water is my Life

I am again drawn to water.  And, the sound, oh the soothing sound that it sings to us, drawing us close so that we may stand and stare.  Does it ever stand still?  Do we ever stand still?

Can it enlighten us?  What can it teach us?  Simplicity.  Be in the moment.  Do not think of the future, do not think of the past.  Live today.  When we realise this then we are close to enlightenment.  This is something that I must learn to do.  I am always thinking ahead, thinking of next week.  When I am in the garden, or out in nature, I often think of the tomorrow when everything goes back to sleep.  I must try and think of the moment.  Live the moment.  Enjoy what is in front of me, around me, free my mind of the tomorrows.  Be alive.

water is my life


I feel at peace when I am close to water. I love to hear its soothing sound.  It is our life source, the blood that runs through this land that we stand upon.  Without it we cannot survive.   Sometimes I feel I should follow it, see where it leads, see what I find at its end.  But it never ends, it is continuous, it is infinite.  There is no beginning, there is no end.  Maybe that is life, no beginning, no end.  Maybe life is infinite.  Maybe we continue on in a different universe, a different life, on and on we go, seeking enlightenment at every turn.

water runs through our lives


Aldeburgh, Suffolk coast

Its nice to discover new places.  And new parts of the coast.  I love the coast, love the sea, love the blue of the sky in summertime.  Love being an island.  Love that I could, if I wanted to, walk all around this country and see nothing but beautiful water.   (and yes, that is a sneaky little colour photo that somehow crept in)


Boat on Beach

Fresh Fish for Sale

Along the Waters Edge

What lies along the waters edge?  What will we find if we follow its meandering path through the fields?

There is something magical about water in the landscape.  Its sound, the way the sun glistens on its surface.  Its calmness.  It is life flowing through the land, without it we are nothing.  I could sit by the waters edge for all eternity and listen to its soothing sound.

along the waters edge



I think I’ve become slightly obsessed with Japan, but then I think I always was.  I even dreamt of visiting the country once.  That of course would be nigh on impossible now due to my fear of flying, and lack of funds.  But that doesn’t stop me visiting places like the Oriental museum in Durham which I mentioned in my last post.  I now have two books winging their way to me, one on Shinto, and one on Buddhism.  I am intrigued by the beliefs of Shinto and its relation to Nature.  It is quite similar to what I believe as a Pagan, that we should live in harmony with Nature, and that the spiritual beings live within Nature, in the trees, the mountains etc.  I am not intending to make this project into a spiritual one, I have a project still simmering in the background that relates to my Pagan beliefs.  But I do want to study the aesthetics of Japanese, and Chinese, art and the correlation to Nature.

Sky through the Trees